Home Business Hoteliers complain of unfair competition from AirBnB

Hoteliers complain of unfair competition from AirBnB


Hoteliers in Cyprus are calling for legislation to be brought in to stop what they describe as unfair competition from AirBnB, a global service allowing people to rent out their homes or rooms.

Zacharias Ioannides, Cyprus Hotel Association PASYXE Director General, said this was a dangerous way for someone to choose to stay because, as he explained, hygiene was not guaranteed, the accommodation was not subject to any controls, did not have any required licenses and, in particular, their owners do not pay the required taxes or fees paid by licensed tourist accommodation outlets.

Noting this also created conditions of unfair competition, Ioannidis, said there was ongoing consultation with the CTO and other competent bodies to put these lodgings under one umbrella so that they can be properly supervised and maintained to ensure healthy competition.

Ioannides had in the past said the government and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) are seeking a way of creating legislation, along with the relevant departments of the Ministry of Finance, as the situation is interpreted with a loss of tax revenue from the renting of these accommodations.

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