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Cable car and observatory planned for Troodos


Speaking at the Troodos Development Company’s Annual General Meeting, Anastasiades touched on the projects currently under development and those which are being planned in the General Troodos area.

The observatory at Agrida and the cable car joining the Aminados mine with the Troodos Square are two of the projects touched upon.

Funding for the observatory is expected to be financed by the Cross-Border Cooperative Programme between Cyprus and Greece pending approval during the final evaluation phase in September.

The President revealed that the cabinet has approved €150,000 for the feasibility and construction studies required for the cable car.

The government’s aim to utilise state property around Troodos has resulted in the properties being divided into 10 complexes of which three situated around the Troodos Square have been earmarked for a €16 million development and as such the government is seeking to attract strategic investors to take on the project.

It has also been decided to offer incentives to tour operators to promote short overnight stays for in the general Troodos area to tourists.

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