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Greens outraged at brutal turtle killing in Paphos


The Greens have reacted strongly to the cruel and unnecessary killing of a sea turtle while expressing outrage at the apathy shown by the Fisheries department.

Reacting to a report at their Paphos office on Monday morning that a sea turtle had been cruelly killed, representatives of the party went to investigate on the eastern Kato Paphos beach.

The Greens issued a statement confirming the turtle had its extremitie amputated and had been spray-painted.

“It is futile to try to condemn these crimes which cannot be justified by any reasonable person verbally. Those who committed this crime have sick minds,” they continued.

The Greens, were outraged with the alleged response they received from the Fisheries Department official who took their complaint and said that: “We can’t deal with finding out who did it.”

“This attitude for us is just as criminal as the act committed by the perpetrators since it shows impunity to aspiring imitators who consider it either funny or bravado to abuse wild animals,” concluded the Greens