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Ministry Condemns North Korea Nuclear Launch


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus has condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the nuclear test that was carried out by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

North Korea conducted a “nuclear warhead explosion” designed to counter alleged hostility from the United States according to state propaganda within the isolated country.

It caused a 5.3-magnitude seismic event in the wake of the explosion which was larger than the bomb dropped by the US on Hiroshima in World War Two.

South Korea’s military estimated the explosive power of the detonation at 10 kilotonnes – the equivalent of 10,000 tonnes of TNT.

The test which is the fifth nuclear launch violates UNSC resolutions adopted since October 2006.

Nearby countries have also reacted furiously to the detonation, which comes on North Korea’s national day.

Cyprus called upon the leadership in Pyongyang to abide by all its obligations, including those emanating from the relevant UNSC resolutions, abandon both its nuclear program and weapons and re-engage in a meaningful dialogue with the international community.

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