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Death Toll Hits 70 After Deadly Italian Earthquake


At least 73 people have been killed whilst many more remain unaccounted for after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck central Italy on Wednesday morning.

The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre tracked the epicentre northeast of Rome, near Norcia.

As dawn came emergency services and residents were fighting against time to rescue people trapped under the ruins of buildings to reach survivors.

Sergio Perozzi, mayor of Amatrice, said buildings had collapsed the town isn’t there anymore, There are voices under the rubble, we have to save the people there.”

The town’s clock tower stood frozen, showing the moment the deadly quake struck – just after 3.30am local time – while people were asleep.

The tremors were felt across a large parts of the country, including in Rome which is 90 miles away.

Pope Francis led prayers for the dead and missing, saying: “Hearing the mayor of Amatrice say that the town no longer exists and hearing that there are children among the victims, I am deeply saddened.”

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