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$200k Reward Offered If You Spot An Apple Exploit


Apple has joined a host of other technology companies and increased its reward for so called white-cap ‘bug hunters’.

Anyone who discovers a security defect in Apple’s product will now get up to a record $200,000 reward.

Apple made the announcement at the Black Hall data security meeting and is due to start in September.

Some in the security group brought up that with a prizes framework for reporting bugs set up, it would have potentially alerted Apple to flaws that were recently exploited to gain access to a phone by the FBI.

Ivan Krstic, Apple’s head of security designing and engineering, told the Las Vegas meeting: “We’ve had extraordinary assistance from analysts like you in enhancing iOS security from the start.”

The project will pay out up to $200,000 for spotting security vulnerabilities in the fundamental boot firmware segments.

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