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Major Tim Peake Says Earth Landing ‘Best Ride’ Ever


British astronaut Tim Peake is back on Earth after what he called “the best ride” he’s ever been on – but it was not an easy landing.

He and crewmates US Colonel Tim Kopra and Russian Yuri Malenchenko touched down in Kazakhstan after returning from the International Space Station in a Soyuz capsule.

They were later flown to a Kazakh airport and were due to take part in a traditional welcoming ceremony but only Malenchenko attended while the other two received further treatment from medics.

Major Peake and Colonel Kopra then transited a NASA jet heading to Norway, where the Briton will switch to a European Space Agency flight back to its Cologne HQ to be re-united with his family.

He said he was feeling “a lot of dizziness and vertigo” when moving his head, which he said was to be expected after returning to Earth.

Earlier, the Soyuz craft used a parachute for the final 15 minutes to descend in a remote spot of scrubland, landing on schedule at 10.15am UK time.

However, the conditions there were very windy and the landing was not straight forward, with the craft ending up on its side.

Rockets the Soyuz fired to slow its descent created a small fire on the ground and the ventilation system was then shut down, making it very hot inside.

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